The Most Dangerous Object in Space


Outer space is a vast endless mass. Although it is primarily empty space, there are other objects that float around that make up the universe and other universes. Stars and planets as well as asteroids and other space objects tend to float in space. They have been around since the beginning of time and no one knows for sure how it was all created and how it came to be. Outer space might be the most dangerous place to be since it has different objects that are not visible to the eyes that can destroy life in a matter of seconds. Comets and asteroids as large as planets can come in and render utter destruction but none is more dangerous than the most dangerous object in space.

One might think that the sun or star is the most dangerous object in space. Although it might be true due to the fact that the sun does emit high temperatures that can kill a population in an instant, it is not the most dangerous. The same goes for comets and asteroids that might hit a planet and destroy it.

The most dangerous object in space is an invisible floating mass called a supermassive black hole.

As we all know, black holes are the result of a dead star that has evolved into an invisible force that can suck in debris from space. They are like the janitors of outer space. The force is strong enough that even light is absorbed hence it cannot be seen through the naked eye.

This makes black holes and supermassive black holes very dangerous for those who plan on traveling through space. It cannot be seen and if debris is near it, it is easily sucked into oblivion. The only way to detect a nearby black hole is through a special camera. It is known that a supermassive black hole can devour an entire star or a system of planets.

Through the work of astronomers, our own Milky Way galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center. It is 26,000 light-years from our Solar System in a region called Sagittarius A*. The Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and UCLA Galactic Center Group has found evidence that a supermassive black hole can be found in Sagittarius A*.

There are also other supermassive black holes found in other galaxies as well aside from the Milky Way. Galaxies like the M31 and M32 have supermassive black holes that can tear through different systems.

The Andromeda Galaxy which is 2.5 million light-years away has a solar mass central black hole that is larger than ours. The largest supermassive black hole ever found was discovered on December 5, 2011, at NGC 4889 that weighs at around 21 billion solar masses and 336 million light-years away from the Coma constellation.

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The next time you think that comets and asteroids might bring harm to Earth, think about how a supermassive black hole can do to our tiny little planet.

The Longest Time Held Kidnapped


When you look at today, you can see and hear a lot of people missing sometimes they can be adults while most of the time, they are kids. There are more than 800,000 children reported missing or being abducted each year. Most of them are children below the age of 18. With that ratio, you have one child missing every 40 seconds. Most of the time, children who are missing are most likely abducted or kidnapped by a stranger either for ransom or for abuse and later on, murder. It is believed that once a child goes missing, the chances of the child likely to be found drops significantly.

However, most of the time, kidnappers who seek ransom are most likely related to the family being kidnapped while those who get abducted without any form of ransom are most likely abused or murdered in a matter of days.

One of the most controversial kidnappings that have ever occurred was also the longest time held kidnapped by a single person. This person has been kidnapped for quite a long time along with other abducted children at the time. Michelle Knight was held captive for more than 10 years making her the victim with the longest time held kidnapped.

On August 22, 2002, Michelle Knight left her cousin’s house when all of a sudden, she disappeared. Knight was 21 years old at the time. It was believed that Knight ran away on her own after losing custody over her son and was then removed from the database 15 months after she disappeared.

It was not until another disappearance by Amanda Berry that the police were once again baffled. Berry went missing on April 21, 2003, a day after her 17th birthday. Gina de Jesus soon followed on April 2, 2004, where she was last seen at a payphone on her way home from her school.

A year after DeJesus’s disappearance, the FBI was able to come up with a sketch of a Latino man around the age of 25 to 35 with a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

For the next decade, the women were kept from seeing other people. They were either raped or beaten. Their abductor was named Ariel Castro who has held them inside his own home for the entire time while police were searching for the missing women all over town. Knight in particular had a daughter with Castro after raping her while she was held captive.

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On May 6, 2013, Berry had discovered that Castro failed to lock the door. Upon noticing the opportunity to escape, she thought it was just a test but ultimately, she screamed for help until neighbors came in and drew her out. She then called the police and instantly responded. On that same day, the other women were rescued and Castro was arrested. On July 26, Castro was found guilty of kidnapping, rape, and aggravated murder. A month after that, Castro was found dead in his cell after hanging himself.

The Richest Queen in the World


If you are looking for the most powerful woman because of the wealth that she possesses, you have come to the right place. In this section, you will find different information for the richest queen in the world who was able to surpass the wealth of other people who are members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth of Britain has a net worth of 660 million dollars and is the world’s richest queen.

She was born on April 21, 1926. She is the constitutional monarch for the 16 sovereign states in the Commonwealth realms. Aside from that, she is also considered to be the Governor of the Church of England. As one of the symbols of a monarchial government, the queen is carrying the title of the Defender of the Faith.

The richest queen was born in London. Just like other people who are members of the royal family, Elizabeth studied privately in the comfort of their own home. As one of the heirs of his father, George VI, she was expected to ascend to the throne in her adult age. In World War II, she was able to get a position for public service. She was given the duty to serve in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

She is married to Prince Philip; this man is the Duke of Edinburgh. The couple was blessed with four children. One of the most special moments in the life of the queen is when he was crowned in 1953. The whole world was able to witness this coronation on television. When she is already a queen, she has also spent her time visiting some places that are held important in her rule.

She was able to visit the pope and the Republic of Ireland. Under her rule, there are also different events that are hard to forget. When she reigned, there was great trouble in Northern Ireland and there was also war in Iraq.

Aside from the different events given above, there are also different events that happened in the life of the richest queen. There are different critics that are being thrown at her, these are usually coming from the press. With her wealth and position, this is something that is normally expected.

This amazing royal woman is on the third line of succession when it comes to the throne that the family is taking care of. When she was born, it was not anticipated that she would ascend to power and become a ruler because her father has a brother who is still strong and is expected to have his own children back then.

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But there is a certain situation when the uncle experienced a crisis in his rule. Because of this, the father of Elizabeth became the queen. With this, she became the one on the second line of succession for the throne. At a very young age, she was taught by her father about public officials and the different responsibilities that she will be facing in the future.

The Smallest Island in the World


The world is created with different islands in it. There are big ones and there are also those that are very small in a way that it cannot even hold a small house in it. In this section, you will find different information about the smallest island in the world. This island or islet is still considered to be part of the geography of the world even when it is very small.

Bishop Rock is considered the smallest island in the world.

This is located in the west of Cornwall. It is approximately four miles away from the Isles of Scilly. The part of the island that is exposed is approximately 46 meters by 16 meters. Aside from the fact that it is the smallest island, it was also able to get the title as the only small island with a building that is standing on it.

The Bishop Rock serves as a foundation for a lighthouse that serves as a guide to people who are traveling in the seas. There is a good reason why they built this lighthouse. The Scilly Isles are not really causing good fortune for people who are traveling in that part of the sea. There were times when the rocky islets are causing the wreckage of ships and of course causing the death of many people.

This unwanted part of the ocean became the reason why a British fleet sank and was destroyed in 1707. The problem is caused by the fact that there is no lighthouse near the area that can warn them about the rocky parts of the ocean. In order to avoid the dangers that can be caused by it, they build the lighthouse in Bishop Rock.

There are people who are pessimistic about the building of the lighthouse in this part of the ocean because the island is too small and it may not be able to hold the lighthouse. Another thing is the fact that the strong current may also become a reason for the destruction of the said building. However, they still pushed thru and they were able to build the lighthouse in the area.

The creation of the lighthouse is not really that easy because the workers have to go to the nearest island where they can rest at night and wait if the weather would permit them to work.

This continued until they were able to build the lighthouse that is very helpful and up until today, it is still a useful tool that people who are traveling in the ocean can still use.

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The lighthouse built on Bishop Rock is made of granite. Before they are using lamps for it and it is one of the things that also became a challenge to them. Today, there are generators already and it is very easy for people to see it. This may be a very small island but if you are going to compare it to other islands in the ocean, we can say that is indeed one of the most useful.

The Fastest Train in the World


Trains have been around for a long time. It’s basically a unique type of land transportation that can’t move unless there isn’t a railroad to support it. Then they are also limited to go as to where the railroad will take them. In the years that went by, trains have evolved from a lot of different aspects. In the past trains were powered by coal and steam. Nowadays, there are still trains that rely on this power but the more advanced trains use electricity and other sources of energy. Trains nowadays are used for either passenger purposes or transporting materials. Their speed would vary but the most common fast running trains are powered by modern-day technology.

The fastest train in the world is the China Railways CRH380A in China.

The Railways CRH380A runs at a speed of 380 km/h or 236 mph. Its testing speed recorded around 486.1 km/h or 302 mph. It is currently used as a passenger train with its route from Shanghai to Hangzhou covering a time rate of 1 hour and 20 minutes minimum.

It also covers the route from Nanjing to Hangzhou covering a travel time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. The speed has been reduced to 355 km/h or 221 mph in order to keep the passengers safe in mind.


The train was created in early 2008. Before becoming what the train is now, it had undergone several testing phases for speed, durability, and the power source. The test initially recorded around 400 km/h which was then modified and tested for more months later.

In 2009, China had invested in the project due to the good results it showed. They invested a total of $6.64 billion and development began. In 2012 it went to commercialization and was made possible for passenger travel.

Details and Features

The train is 203 meters or 666 feet long, 3,380 mm or 11 feet 1 inch wide, and 3,700 mm or 12 feet 2 inches high. Its nose has an aerodynamic resistance and as well as a low steam lined head. The train also has a noise absorption technology for the inside of the train.

This was to ensure that outside noise and sounds from the train wouldn’t enter the inside of it, especially in the passenger area.

It also has a high powered traction system giving it the speed it generates. It has regenerative braking to ensure a safe stop in case of emergencies. The body is made up of certain light alloys to ensure a fast and easy ride. The alloy itself is durable and hard despite the light-natured manner of the metal.

What Do I Think

The world of passenger or transport trains is still alive and chugging today. Despite some of them not using the power of coal, trains will be there in the long run. The speed of the train doesn’t necessarily affect the passenger inside. That’s because people won’t be manufacturing a dangerous passenger train.

The Most Famous Family Feud


Families often support each other through thick and thin. Most families have ideals that more often than not contradict other families’ ideals as well. This can lead to a clash of interests and they can end in a family feud. Throughout history, we have seen and heard of different families that have fought with another family in order to gain popularity or notoriety.

In the middle ages, families of one kingdom would marry another in order to preserve the line but there will always be another family that would interfere and causes trouble to the agreement. There are also tales of love from a rich family and a poor family that is not meant to be. One might seem that it is fictional but it has happened before. But, there will always be that one family feud that has stand the test of time in becoming the longest family feud in history.

The most famous family feud belonged to the Hatfields and the McCoys.

The McCoys suspected that it was Devil Anse Hatfield who murdered Harmon but was later on confirmed to have been sick at the time of the murder. Later on, more suspects came around including their uncle Jim Vance who was also a member of the Logan Wildcats

The Hatfields were natives of West Virginia and have fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Meanwhile, the McCoys were from Ireland and immigrated to Doe Hill, Virginia around 1750. They then settled to the Kentucky side of Tug Fork. The feud first erupted when Asa Harmon McCoy, a returning Union soldier just off from the American Civil war was murdered by a group of former Confederacy soldiers known as the Logan Wildcats. .

The family feud continued 13 years later when a disagreement erupted between Floyd Hatfield and Randolph McCoy about the ownership of a hog. The feud further escalated when Roseanna McCoy had a relationship with Johnson Hatfield and left her family to live with the Hatfields.

Roseanna soon returned to the McCoy but Johnson followed her and tried to resume their relationship but he was then arrested. Soon after, Roseanna was pregnant but Johnson already abandoned her for Roseanna’s cousin Nancy McCoy in 1881.

The feud continued in 1882 when Roseanna’s brothers attacked Ellison Hatfield and stabbed him 26 times. The police arrested the brothers but the Hatfields intercepted the transport that carried the brothers to West Virginia. When Ellison finally suspected of his injuries, the three brothers were tied in pawpaw bushes and were killed. The feud ultimately went to a high when Hatfields surrounded the McCoy cabin and riddled their home with bullets.

Randolph McCoy was able to make a run for it but it cost him two of his children and his wife. The remaining McCoys escaped to Pikeville to avoid the raiding parties. Soon after, the people who were suspects of the massacre known as the New Year’s Massacre were captured and imprisoned. One was executed by hanging.

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The execution then led to a sudden abrupt end to the fighting between the families as they have realized that more and more people are bound to die if they continue to fight over.

The Deadliest Disease in the World


Everyone gets sick once in a while. This is because the body is in contact with a pathogen that penetrates through the defense mechanism of the body which is the immune system. There are several illnesses that can easily go through our defense system and make us ill.

While these ailments have been known to infect our system very quickly, it is also known that they are widespread. Some of which including the deadliest disease of all is known to be a silent killer. Some people who have such sickness end up not knowing that they have one until the last second of their lives.

That is how deadly this ailment is and what it needs is a simple early diagnosis for it to be prevented and cured. It is a problem that every country around the world is facing. People from all sorts of life have the tendency to have this kind of ailment.

The world’s deadliest disease is not the widespread catastrophe that is HIV/AIDS nor dreadful malaria but it is the common heart attack.

In 2008, over 36 million deaths occurred due to ischemic heart ailment alone out of 57 million deaths that occurred all over the world due to noncommunicable diseases. It is a far cry from HIV/AIDS where the estimated number of deaths is only 1.70 million per year and contributes to only 3.1 percent of the total number of deaths worldwide.

In the US alone, almost 600,000 people die because of it each year and that is about 1 in every 4 deaths that are categorized as a heart problem. It is also the leading cause of death in both men and women. In 2009, more than half of the percentage of deaths were in men. Coronary heart disease was found to be the most common type of heart disease taking over 385,000 lives per year.

In a single year, there are over 715,000 Americans who suffer from myocardial infarction and 525,000 of which suffer from their first-ever attack while only 190,000 suffer the second.

It usually costs around $108.9 billion each year for the US to treat each and every person with heart disease including medical care and medications. African Americans take around 24.5 percent of the deaths while Whites draw 25 percent of which.

What Do I Think

Early action is vital to preventing and curing heart disease. 92 percent of people recognize chest pain as a sign of myocardial infarction while only 27 percent know all the signs and symptoms of this disease. 47 percent of heart attacks occur outside any healthcare facilities which means that people who are about to experience a heart attack do not act on the early warning signs. This is why proper counseling and education are vital to preventing heart disease in the first place. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are all it needs to prevent heart disease from happening.

The Oldest Catholic Church in the World


The world’s largest Christian church is the Roman Catholic Church, with having more than 1.2 billion members. It is said to be among the oldest institutions in the world and has played a very vital role in the history of civilization in the West. There a countless number of how many Catholic churches all over the world and there is also a debate with what is the oldest Catholic church in the world.

But with intensive research, it was said that the oldest Catholic church is actually the Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere.

The basic floor plan and wall structures date back to the 340s and the first sanctuary was said to be built in 221 and 227. It was built by Pope Callixtus I and after years it was later completed by Pope Julius. The inscriptions state that it is the first house of worship that was dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This magnificent structure went through two restorations back in the fifth and eighth centuries. Presently, this magnificent religious structure preserves its original plan and also stands on the earlier foundations. It was 22 granite columns with Corinthian and Ionic capitals that have separations to the nave from the aisles that came from the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla.

It has several late 13th century mosaics done by Pietro Cavallini about the subject of the Life of the Virgin. There is also a beautiful octagonal ceiling painting named Assumption of the Virgin done by Domenichino that fits in the coffered ceiling setting in which he also designed.

It also keeps a relic of Saint Apollonia and also a portion of the Holy Sponge. There are also the relics of the following who are buried inside; Pope Callixtus I, Pope Innocent II, Antipope Anacletus II, Cardinal Philippe of Alençon, and also Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio.

Exteriorly, near the top, there is a niche which protects a mosaic of the Madonna and Child. The façade has mosaics and they are probably from the 12th century. It depicts the Madonna crowned and suckling the Child and there are ten women holding lamps.

The façade of this marvelous house of worship was restored by Carlo Fontana back in 1702. He replaced the porch with a sloping tiled roof. There is an octagonal fountain in the piazza located in front of the church called Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. It was also restored by Carlo Fontana.

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If you’re possibly thinking about going to Rome, you should probably include in your “to-do” list to visit the Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere, the oldest Catholic church. It will definitely make your trip more worthwhile to know that you are at church with so much history.

The Slowest Animal in the World


In the animal kingdom, speed can mean a split second between life and death. Predators rely on speed to catch their prey at a moment’s notice. A prospect prey uses speed to escape such predators to live another day. Speed is also used to escape from human sight as it is their natural means of defense as well as the living. There are animals that tend to take it slow and easy whether it is part of their anatomy or not. Some animals move slow which is part of their nature or their characteristics. The size doesn’t necessarily affect their speed allowing them to be slow. Small ones like slugs move slowly while there are big ones like land tortoises that are sluggish as well.

The world’s slowest animal at the moment is the Three-Toed Sloth.

Its top speed or his infamous record of slow-paced movement is 0.24 km per hour or 0.15 miles per hour. They are under the Bradypodidae family specifically under the Brapydus genus and are located in South and Central America.

These mammals that live in the trees and generally eat any type of leaves and vegetation. They are generally lazy, spending most of the day on top of the trees. They tend to sleep 15 to 18 hours a day. They are generally docile and tend to be non-hostile towards other sloths. When they inhabit a tree, other sloths tend to leave them alone and vice versa.

Physical Attributes

They are generally furry because they are mammals and they walk on four legs but can also stand on two. They have 3 sharp claws thus giving it its name. The average sloth can be as big as 18 inches or 45 centimeters. They can weigh as much as 3 to 4 kg or 8 to 10 lbs. Their tail also stretches from 2 to 3 inches or 6 to 7 centimeters. Their tail’s length isn’t generally included with their overall body size.

Despite being slow in moving, they move fast when swimming underwater then again that’s not saying much. They generally have a life span of 25 to 30 years at best.

Other Species

The three-toed sloth is just one of the species of sloths under their many families. There are 4 different kinds of these animals and they all bear the name Bradypus.

These species would include the Bradypus Pygmaeus, Bradypus Torquatus, Bradypus Tridactylus, and the Bradypus Variegatu.

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It may be the slowest animal on earth but it sure isn’t the weakest. Despite its lazy demeanor and slow movement, it does move fast underwater and adequate upper body strength.

The Most Venomous Insect in the World


Insects are unique creatures. Most of them might seem like harmless animals but are very dangerous especially with their venomous secretions. Insects use a different kind of defense mechanism. Most of them use venom in order to protect themselves from predators. These venoms are known to be harmless to humans but there are some chosen few that have been known to put humans into a coma. Bee stings are highly allergic and most people who acquire bee stings end up having allergies and others tend to have difficulties in breathing. But, the most venomous insect is far more dangerous than the bee sting.

The most venomous insect is the harvester ant specifically the Pogonomyrmex occidentalis species.

It takes only about 0.12mg/kg of venom for the harvester ant to kill a 4-pound rat. A honey bee takes about 2.8 mg/kg of venom in order for it to kill a 4-pound rat. That makes the harvester ant specifically dangerous when humans are exposed to such powerful venom.

The harvester ant’s venom is composed of amino acids, peptides, and proteins that include alkaloids, terpenes, polysaccharides, biogenic amines, as well as organic acids like formic acids. These proteins can trigger a dangerous lethal response to an individual that is allergic to these proteins.

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis got their name after the epithet occidentalis meaning “of the west”. Most of these specific species of harvest ants are found in the western area of the United States. They live off from the plant life found in the plains of the western regions of the country.

They usually harvest seeds and pollens that come directly from the plants or those that are dropped off from the parent plant. They store these seeds for the winter where they consume it for the entire colony.

Workers are usually dark red and are the largest of the colony. They forage for food during the cooler time of the day. What is special about the harvester ants is that they usually forage one kind of item each day and they change such preference every day.

They also lose what they have foraged when another colony tries to invade and steal from their own storage. Most of the time, these colonies fight for the food that they have foraged while others try to attack the colony itself to expand their territory.

What Do I Think

A single bite of the harvester ant will only sting an individual but when an entire colony attacks a single person, it can be very dangerous as it might trigger an allergic reaction to the individual which can have deadly effects on a person.  Some ants tend to bite and then spread the venom onto the bite area but harvester ants have a venomous bite which means that when they bite, it immediately triggers the venom.  One can avoid getting bitten by harvest ants through insect repellants or simply avoiding their territories or destroying their colony.