The Newest Organ in the Human Body

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The human body is made up of numerous organs. These organs are composed of several tissues acting together to perform a specific function. Some of the most common organs include the brain, lungs, heart, pancreas, eyes, and skin.

The organs can be grouped together to perform a more complex tasks and functions.

This collection of organs is known as an organ system. The human systems usually vary on the overall functions that it offers. Those involved in the breathing functions are known to be the respiratory system. The group of organs responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses is known as the nervous system. Several other human systems are working together for the body to function well.

The digestive system is composed of organs that work together to convert the food intake into energy and nutrients essential for the body. Latest studies showed that a new organ resides in the digestive tract of the human body. This new discovery involved in the digestive system is known as the mesentery.

The mesentery is a section of the small intestine. This is composed of a continuous band of membranous tissues that is folded and attached to the walls of the human abdomen. It is located in the central part of the abdominal cavity. This organ usually lies behind the transverse colon and the omentum.

The primary function of the mesentery is to serve as a support in ensuring that the abdominal organs of the human body are properly positioned.

This organ is also known to provide a covering or protection of the several organs located inside the stomach. Moreover, the mesentery acts as an organ for plumbing and wiring by serving as good pathways for the blood, lymph, and the nerves to reach the organs that are enclosed.

Just like any other organs, the mesentery may also suffer from several medical conditions if not properly taken care of.

One of the most common diseases and irregularities of the mesentery is the mesenteric ischemia. This medical condition is a result of the injury of the small intestine which resulted in the lack of blood supply. The most common symptoms of this disease include severe abdominal pain, nausea, and bloody stools. Medical attention should be given in order to address this disease.

It is deemed necessary to take extra care of this organ since it plays a very important role in the body. One must ensure a healthy lifestyle at all times. Proper diet, including fiber rich foods is highly recommended. Drink plenty of liquids such as water and fruit juices.

One should also have a regular exercise routine to stay fit and healthy. Avoid bad habits such as smoking, too much caffeine, and alcohol.

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With the advancement in technology, more scientific discoveries are now being uncovered. The discovery of the newest organ gives a more critical outlook on the different functioning that occurs in the human body. These greatly open the eyes of humans on how to properly take care and protect the numerous body organs for a healthier and happier life and well being.

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