The Youngest Spy in the World

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Spies have always been one of the most interesting occupations of all. Being clandestine and covert are just a few of the methods a spy needs in order to become successful at retrieving information and passing it into the right person.

Spies have always been known to tip the balance and can even end a war in a single intel. During the Second World War, spies were used left and right in order to gather important information against the enemies.

The Allied Forces used different methods either sending trained men to pose as Nazis in order to gain intelligence from them. But, little do they know the Allied Forces had someone up in their sleeves that had the ability to gather information unlike any other at a very tender age.  Find out who is the youngest spy ever.

Peggy Harmer is the youngest spy to have attained such a crucial piece of information during World War II. She was only 19 years old at the time she was recruited.

Peggy was handpicked by MI5 to become a spy due to her striking beauty and superb intelligence. A family friend asked her to work to the War Department when the war broke out. Days later she was met by a man in prison whom she was asked to join a secret counter-espionage unit called Double Cross.

Through her time training, she would often hear the words Snow, Tate, and Summer. Little did she know that these are the code names for the spies she will be working with.

She and her Double Cross team successfully convinced Hitler and his forces that the Allied Forces would be landing on Calais instead of Normandy hence the army would be able to go through and begin the campaign for peace. She would pass crucial information she had learned from the time she spent spying on different areas and transcribed them and sent them through proper channels.

She was a very secretive woman as well. In fact, she was able to live her life like any other young woman of her age at the time. She spent time with her boyfriend and still be able to pass out intel on to her handler when the time comes and no one would notice it.

It was also at that time that she met fellow agent Christopher Harmer when she finally fell in love and the two married in 1943 and moved to Stratford-upon-Avon. When the war was over, she resumed her normal life and had children. In 1999 she suffered her first stroke and her health suffered throughout the years.

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On April 2, 2011, Peggy Harmer held her last breath and became one of the unsung heroes of World War II as the youngest spy in history.  She died at the age of 89 and is survived by her children Caroline, Jeremy, Phillip, Sue, and her seven grandchildren. With such exploits, Peggy Harmer had a knack for espionage and found the life of a spy to be exciting.

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